MAKEOVER: livingroom edition (aka: faking an entryway!)

We recently welcomed a brand new bouncing baby…. couch into our home! And Baby Girl Couch told Big Ugly Brother Couch, “You gotta go. Mom and Dad don’t have enough love for the both of us.”And she’s right.

Here’s our little bundle of joy:
Cute Lil Couch

Not being enough love around for the both of them- that is true. I hate the old couch and my husband hates the new one. Long story slightly shorter, my mom and I have these three hour long marathon phone calls in which we talk about everything under the sun. I mentioned how I’m trying to scrape together enough bones for this couch and she starts “mmmcmmm”-ing along with me.

“What’s it called?”
“Something city related. Like, the Soho, or something.”
“What’s it look like?”
“Clean lines, with arms that slightly angle out at the top.”
“Any buttons or tufting?”
“Mom! Never.”
I had one of those Charlie Brown moments. “THAT’S IT!”


When she asked me for my address, that’s when it dawned on me that she was buying the couch! I. Flipped. Out. Turns out it’s my late birthday present. Thank you so much, mom! I LURRRRRRRRVE it. Good things are in store for her, too: her home is French Country, and after a new upholstery job with some blue velvet or burgundy red, or even just a nice smooth chocolate, that couch is going to go perfectly in her home. But, we live two hours apart and her schedule is a little wonky, so there’s no telling when we’ll be able to transport Big Brother Couch to my mom’s place.

So, that brings us to, how in the heck am I going to have these  two couches -one of which is a mac daddy – in my prius-sized living room? I debated moving furniture around in the bedrooms to accommodate it, even  mulling over the idea of temporarily turning our master bedroom into a game room with the couch and TV and the storage room stuff and putting our bedroom stuff in the tiny room, but A. That’s a ton of work and B. I wasn’t even sure it could happen – the couch was too wide and too long to  make the turn in the hallway. It’s even too “tall” when flipped on it’s end to fit through the doorway, so the living room was the only option.

What. To. Do.

I just assembled without considering. I wanted my new couch!
couch helper

And then a little re-arrangeroo came to mind… that totally transformed the place and I absolutely love the results. By turning the orientation of the room and moving Big Ugly Brother Couch to the wall with the window and placing Cute Little Sister Loveseat kind of in the middle of the room, we create a seating area more intended for grownups and their conversations as well as a real live entryway.


Oh, Hey Lunar! I had to move Colossal Cousin Deskington to the little room – no pictures, I have just the tiniest bit of dignity left – and that meant moving the computer to….

Our room.

I am one of those “No TV in the Bedroom!” kinda gals. This hurts my heart. But THIS MAKES MY HOME IMPROVEMENT LOVING HEART SWELL:
A real, live, entryway. A real, live, fake-it-till-ya-make-it, entryway!

How did we do it? To recap:

The desk was moved into our storage room soon to be office and swapped places with the little bookshelves. The couches did a 90 degree turn, and the tree trunk “coffee table/bench” got turned into a  low side table with my peace lily I received as a gift for the birth of my Handsome Son, two years ago. What, you didn’t notice the mad scientist in coverall PJs in the earlier picture? He’s the insane one, with the crazy red hair. <3.


I moved the lamps around so the cords would be hidden behind the furniture, and so far we do not mind continuing to live without a coffee table. Unless we got one of those acrylic ones, I think most anything would be too heavy visually.

One final set of befores and afters:




The function is so much better. And I seem to take better pictures nowadays. The form is obviously a major improvement. And Cute Little Sister Couch is a nice modern foil to Big Ugly Brother Couch, making him not-so-ugly in the process. And all I needed to do was move some furniture around. Duh!!!!

One more time so you don’t have to scroll: 🙂

What are you up to? Any furniture re-arranging? Did you notice I simplified my grid of prints? Sneaky, I know. 😉