Making Current Furniture Work with Shoeboxes!

I love what A Slob Comes Clean’s Noni has to say about cabinets, furniture, and storage bins – they are your natural containers and if your stuff is too much for your container – try re-thinking the stuff, not the storage “solution.” After all, if you’re solution to organizing is to always up size your containers when they get too crammed, well, that’s a container arms race you will never win and I can easily see myself needing to move to a bigger house just for all my future stuff I’d be sure to accumulate!

For example: Too many undergarments for A’s tiny drawer! 

And we are not moving anytime soon. (Remember the goal is financial freedom and selling this house will be a part of that!) SO My current storage options are all I’ve got.

When it comes to kid stuff, it is very easy for me to get overwhelmed with kid thingies. Clothes, toys, books, oh my! However, we only have two dressers completely dedicated to kid clothes – Adelaide’s tall and skinny set of drawers and Huck’s one drawer in a three-drawer dresser my mom gave us that I LOVE. They share the bottom shoe drawer. The top drawer of that dresser has diaper stuff (which we’re not using now hallelujah! But will be again soon for Baby #3.)



Christmas always brings a few constants: the pang to be with family across the country and socks. One or both sets of grandparents is definitely. most assuredly, going to get our kids some socks. Mornings were getting a little hectic going through A’s sock and underthings drawer because she can only wear white socks to school and it was getting to be a hassle to dig them out under all the colored ones, and she can’t even see in there she is so short. I moved out all of the “fun” socks to one of those teal cloth boxes you can see that wasn’t being used for anything and then had nothing but undergarments and school socks crammed in there in a mess. What to do?

img_2666 img_2665

At the same time, all of H’s clothes, except his jackets, live in just one drawer. They were all over the place. It was insanity. The frugal solution (frugalution?) is one of my tried and true favorites: shoe boxes as drawer dividers!



The empty spaces are for underpants (the middle) and PJs (you can see Elmo on the side.) I apparently am behind on laundry LOL. Each type of clothing gets a box or a space created by a box and it helps the kids be independent with putting away their laundry and picking out the next day’s clothes. (And all the parents rejoiced.)

A’s drawer just needed one shoe box to divide her underthings from her socks.


Et voila! A free solution for organizing kid clothes within the furniture we already have. I love using shoe boxes in drawers to make them more functional for our family. It doesn’t have to be a pretty solution because they will never been seen! It’s a great feeling. Are you doing any organizing after the Christmas craziness? Let me know! And… be sure to consider shoeboxes an option!