Trying to Hustle!

Our networth is ALMOST in the -40K range! I think we’re around -53K. At the end of the month we should be in the high -40s!!! I’m really excited about it, because we’re that much closer to being debt free!

I’m trying to take on some side hustles to increase our income. I’m an Uber Driver, and a Rover sitter. Uber is excellent because it is so flexible but being pregnant it is hard to put the kids down, turn around, and go drive around for a few hours making unpredictable income. Rover is nice because I can sit pooches at my own home and my schedule is not impacted any differently than normal since I have dogs I go home and let out, play with, etc. I’m looking into a few other side projects and if I make any progress, I’ll share it here.

In other news, I worked my butt off and bought a washer and dryer super cheap. It cost us $1100 for the set and they will fit UNDER the kitchen counter, so we’ll be able to double our countertop space. We’ll be making and installing the countertops ourselves, so look for a post soon. Should be Monday!

Be well and enjoy the holidays!


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