ZEE LIST – Fall 2016 style

We’ve got projects to tackle this fall and hopefully they will bring a smile to our faces and make our 1000 square foot rectangle feel more like home.

Without further ado… here’s what we’re planning for fall!

  1. Make a wreath on the cheap with Big Girl. We found a wreath hanger at Walmart off season for 28 CENTS last year. I should have bought 20.
  2. Move the kids into the third bedroom. They fit perfectly in their little 10 x 10 room but I am looking forward to adding kid #3 and seeing how we’ll organize their space.
  3. Turn what was the kids bedroom into a functional organized office space (this may turn into a winter project as well! We have so little storage space and the C.R.A.P. has been accumulating. That’s what we wanderers should avoid but we CANNOT BE STOPPED)
  4. Finish the kitchen laundry conversion – tile, paint, steam hose to outside, cabinet extension?
  5. Box out the carport. I’d love to take our skinny little legs of carport posts and make them nice and chunky, with square columns. We can make that, easy! Just cut to length and screw together.
  6. Paint the brick wall in the carport. I’ve already bought the paint!!!
  7. Landscape, landscape, landscape! Remove the big trees around the house plus all sorts of great stuff.
  8. Shutters for the windows? Maybe from reclaimed pallets – so we can afford it???
  9. Create a snazzy headboard
  10. Sew some faux roman blinds in the kitchen and dining room. I  have some table cloths that are cute that I no longer use since I have a fabulous table that I never want to hide 🙂 So I have fabric options!
  11. Install the cabinet I moved by removing baseboard and mounting it flush, painting it, ad screwing i in the wall.
  12. Hang shelves on the blue wall (and mount the microwave? Countertop spaaaaaace!)
  13. Biggest project we’d love to tackle… building a pergola on the back porch! But how to do it on the cheap…
  14. Clean out and organize the pantry! I’m thinking dollar store…

So that’s what we’ve got in the works! Stick with me and let’s hope I can knock some of these projects out! Some of them are a real doozie… I’m sweating… and salivating over them all at once. 🙂 What’s on your to-do list???


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