Clothes Pin-up art

Guys I am LOVING the latest #fabandfree decor we installed. In January, Handsome Husband got me a National Parks Calendar beautifully created by the Anderson Design Group and I’ve been itching to hang the prints somewhere. The prints are large enough that in a grid, they make a real impression, so we picked the space above the couch which was REALLY needing something nice and weight-y above it. And they were hung with clothespins hence… clothespin up art. Hehe. 🙂


And the glorious after! IMG_0989

This project was free for us because we used “found” items we already had at home. And it was so simple:

  1. I made sure I had enough clothespins for the grid I wanted to create, plus a cute lil” assistant
  2. I drilled a hole with the 1/8th drill bit in each clothes pin at the second, inner-most line (I just eyeballed it)
  3. I used a level to space dots 7 inches apart – this would be where my clothespins would rest.
  4. I used the level to measure 17 inches above the first row so my clothes pins would be in exactly the same spot in each row
  5. I put a brad nail at each pencil mark
  6. I hung a clothespin on each nail
  7. And then I hung my prints from the clothes pins!

Wahoo! Simple, a bit time consuming, and I love it.

The best part… SO DOES HANDSOME HUSBAND. Typically he dislikes my design choices with an extreme displeasure. So to hear him say “Guess which ones are my favorite” and then to go back and forth enjoying each print – that was awesome. Decoration unicorn!


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