New front doorski + the power of friendship

Just listened to the Young House Love Has a Podcast episode where Sherry raps. It’s fabulous!!!!

Now on to the post: My home has so much more light than my previous apartment with a window in the kitchen, a window in the dining space, a sliding glass door and a large window in the living room.

But it was still  bit dark as soon as the sun is on the other side of the house in the afternoons and I was hoping to find a door for cheap that had some kind of window in it to just let a teensy bit more light in in the late afternoons since all our windows are east or south facing.

Enter my friend Jennifer, who just commissioned a fancy new door for her home and had a front door she no longer needed. Well guess what. She was glad to bring the door over! So after her boyfriend and my hubby fought the hinges and 1/2 too long a door size, they installed it and I love it. It needs a fresh coat of paint – I’m thinking a limey, yellow-y green, and maybe a different doorknob. The one on their doesn’t really go with the rest of the house, it’s ornate or country where my house is simple – but it’s great. And here it is!



Now this post looks like its about a door, but it’s not. It’s about the power of love between true friends. Jennifer and I used to work together and one day over lunch she described her house as being messy “to the point where you could see the dog hairs piling up by the baseboards.” Well, as anyone knows, clean, tidy, organized and cute is a badge of honor and super hard for me. I am always looking for the Next Thing To Start! And I’m a terrible finisher. I get very bored with cleaning stuff very quickly, and normally I’d like to think I’m more mature than this, but FULL CONFESSION: I am almost mentally unable to actually finish the dishes. I get to the last dish or two, certainly a few spoons – and boom. I’m in the bathroom. Hanging art. Or Googling how to sharpie art-up my shower curtain.

So this immature behavior coupled with that thing called life means my home is rarely clean. And when Jennifer was honest with me on that level – the uncleanliness of her home at that point (normally it’s definitely a Better Homes and Gardens magazine type home, so beautiful!) I felt like we were instantly kindred spirits. Turns out we were.

So not only does she get me, but I’m not afraid to confess my shortcomings as a mom and homemaker. I am definitely neither of those things naturally, thank you 9-5 job that gives me an out when my husband asks “are the dishes STILL not clean?!”

So that honesty in our lives has led to honesty with our finances, an she knows our goals and our burden of debt. So, with my in-laws coming in seven days for the first time, she gets that I don’t have a big budget to spend on sprucing up the place and she gets that I have a lot to spruce up in a little time. So not only did she give me the door, she is coming over this weekend for a cleaning pow-wow. You can’t ask just anybody for help like that, but I guess I don’t have just any friends.

I have the best friends.


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