Free and fabulous RUG

So this happened:
IMG_0842 IMG_0840

That’s right! The orange geometric rug is G-O-N-E hallelujah. Rugs just make a place feel complete and put together. They ground a space and of course are functional: make it soft underfoot for little ones (and we big ones.)

The only teeny tiny smidge of a problem was the previous rug was orange. Burnt orange. And it brought out the burnt orange tones in the couch (which is loathe-worthy to me. But I digress because I need to choose gratitude over my attitude.)


Overall it just made the space feel bleh. So, I was driving in a snazzy neighborhood, because sometimes snazzy people decide they’ve tired of their perfectly snazzy things and they decide to set them free on the side of the road.

And wouldn’t you know what I came upon – a rug!

Now I know what you’re thinking: bad idea. But I have been there, done that, and I gave the thing a small test. When it passed the smell test, I decided that since it was such a huge rug, and judging by the high quality accessories the people in these high end neighborhoods invest in, this was probably a few hundred dollar rug to begin with. If I get it cleaned for $100 I’ve probably saved at least $100 – maybe way more. So I’m getting quotes and if it’s not insane and I can do it with my blow money savings – we’ll see!

Anyway the way I see it I’m rescuing it from certain death in a landfill and it can have a second life with me and my family.



I didn’t want my heavy stump table to crush the fibers or stain it so I turned it into a  little sidetable/ extra seating. Win win. That’s another free way to win with decor: move the stuff you’ve already got around.

And the orange geometric rug has found a new life in our bedroom. One step closer to looking like we live here and own the place and we’re not just squatters!

Anyone else fearless enough to take on a trash to treasure find? Have you snagged anything great lately? I’d love to know!


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