Affordable updates!

Well folks, I have come to learn the secret, and the secret is this:


Paint makes a huge, huge impact. For so little cashola!

I ran to the paint section at Lowe’s to hunt in the reject bin. Handsome Husband and I each get spending money (Money to just blow wherever we want – guilt free! That’s how you make a budget work for you. 🙂 ) and invariably I spend mine on home DIY stuff. 5% of the time, it’s shoes or clothes – the rest of the time it’s home decor.

In the Lowe’s cheapo treasure trove I found:

Pink test paint – 1$

Seafoam blue green, satin (quart) – 9$

Peacock blue chalkboard paint (quart) – $3.50

They were cheap because… they were in the reject section! I loaded those suckers up along with a gallon of white paint for the bathroom – $30 (I think it was satin, or maybe semi-gloss – either are good for bathrooms) and ended up spending around $50.00 – all of my spending money for a month plus a chunk that we carved out of the budget for updates. (we’re trying to keep paying off debt our #1 gazelle-intense goal so this kind of stuff rarely ever happens.)

But what did happen was FANTASTIC.

I used only half of the seafoamy green and painted the ceiling of our bathroom, inspired by the Petersik’s showhome office (remember – $3.00! or since I used only half the container, $1.50!)

Painted a wall in my kitchen for my kiddos who love it already just for the color and don’t yet know they can go to town chalkin’ it up ($9.50)

Painted both my grey/purple bathrooms CRISP BEAUTIFUL WHITE and now that pink tile can sing its song and not make me go insane.
IMG_0664 IMG_0662


Plus I had enough paint leftover to paint two walls of my boring muddy blue grey kitchen white! It is not done yet but the part that has two coats looks awesome.

Then I came across another amazing idea via the Young House Love archives and I… painted our address in huge numbers on our painted brick. In my humble opinion, it’s splendiferous.

So that’s the secret. Paint- especially from the reject section. $50 for updates for days. Mama likey.

So what else would you do? We have tools, some scrap wood, some more random paint here and there – I’m thinking of sharpie-ing some walls for a faux wallpaper look, but I’m basically obsessed with finally making this place feel like ours. Plus I have that tiny bit of pink paint my daughter made a beeline for… not sure where it’s going yet. But between our seafoam ceiling, peacock blue kitchen chalk wall and pink something-or-other: Bold paint choices for us it is.

Oh and by the way, why is having a clean home after it exploded such a huge satisfaction?!?! Not sure but it was up there with a room reveal. And again- it’s free!!! What’s up in your world? Paint updates? Sharpie walls? Decorating with your scarves as you save your pennies and pay down that debt? Hey… my scarves would make great decor… gotta go try that! Let me know!


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