Paid off one more debt! (almost. ugh.)


At the beginning of this FIVE PAYCHECK MONTH (hallelujah) I realized we were going to be able to pay off one more debt. This was a $1300 Sallie Mae disbursement-turned-Navient that I am eager to rid ourselves of – it’s one of those loans the hubby co-signed with the in-laws. Oh, to have freedom from family in our finances! Or, to have freedom from financing in our family?! Either way, I’m GLAD TO SEE THIS SUCKER GO.

Until hubby said he needed:

New shoes.
To neuter the dog.
A new gun. (It’s a patrol shotgun for work – he’s a deputy.)
A gun safe.
And this and that and this and that and this and that and before you know it…

We’re $850 bucks into other non-debt paying off land. So nope. Only $913 went to  debt. Unggggg.

Out of frustration, I started feeling sorry for myself.

I may or may not have put all my spending money and some grocery money to Le Tote, a clothing rental service. (I LOVED skirt #1.)

But I feel guilty.

I probably won’t continue after this month (unless of course they credit me $25 bringing my after blow-money-budget to only $19 – then I’ll keep it around for one more month 🙂 🙂 :-))

DANG. That 5 paycheck month is GAWN.

Three new business ideas coming + one hopefully fortuitous meeting this month…???


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