So you’re thinking of selling?

Yesterday we had a GREAT lunch meeting with our awesome realtor who found us our current home. I had asked him to meet just to discuss the possibility of selling this place. Why, when we just bought it?

We bought our house only 5 months ago, and since then three or four houses on our street have sold, and one is listed currently around the block. We bought our 1015 sq ft place for $86,000, and the cheapest one next to that has been $120K. and the most expensive one was $159K! WHAT! That is almost double what we paid.

So I’m a gal on a mission to figure out how theirs sold for more and how to increase our value while putting the absolute lowest amount of dollars into it.

I can think of a few things in the kitchen right off the bat:


The countertop real estate is really limited. I’d like to extend it.

That rough shot (sometimes I’m good at photography…. sometimes I’m not!) shows pretty much all of our countertop space. We could add at least 25% more countertop space by extending the countertops to the wall where our washing machine sits. We decided to go with black concrete countertops so the kitchen will be black and white, and we’ll tile from the backsplash to the cabinets. The concrete + sealers cost $135, but I had an amazon gift card from work so it only cost us $85 out of pocket. Shazam!

Then, we have our washer in the kitchen and our dryer in the utility closet in our carport. That’s just silly to me and could be a turn-off to buyers. I’d like to know how much it would be to have a plumber add washing capability to our utility coset, and then our washer and dryer could be together.

So I’d like to have the plumbing moved to accommodate for a better place for the washer, and then we could extend the countertops AND install a dishwasher! Right?! The question is, how much would all of that cost… That’s part of figuring it all out. I’ll be asking around 🙂


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