How we bought our house

I work in the real estate industry.  I’m constantly seeing listings of properties in the area, and usually, I just send links to a few of my buds who think they are “on the market” for a home. Well, lat summer, Handsome Hubby was really getting the “we need to move” vibe. He hated our apartment. I was convinced we could make it work – it was in a great neighborhood, was the right price, and was close to my bestie and my job. What’s not to love?!

For one, it was hella ugly no matter how much lipstick we put on it – although painting our brown trim white REALLY made a huge difference. And for two, it was just a little too snug. There was no storage, which is so embarrassing to me, since one day I’d love to live in a tiny house. To think, we need to move because of stuff! That’s insanity. We do have lots of musical instruments, hiking gear, and beer brewing stuff, so that brings the “stuff” level up.

I was convinced we could find a slightly larger apartment for the same, or near the same, price as our then-current apartment. Handsome wasn’t. So I was doing my darnedest to show him the ways we could make our pigsty work. I found this beautiful modern/industrial kitchen with a green wall that I thought we could play off of in our kitchen from a listing on, so I sent it to Hubby.

And HOUR later, he wrote me an email back:

“Our realtor says all we have to do is get pre-approved and then we can go look at it.”


I emptied my year’s worth of savings from my pension and we scraped together closing costs, and a month later, we were home slaves Imean home owners.

So here are the befores:










FULL BATH off of the hallway








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