A little setback

I enrolled in a FSA at work when I started. Turns out my incompetent HR Manager at that time didn’t actually deduct any of the money that was going into my account.

So I owe all that money back to work.  I didn’t re-enroll this year, so I was actually expecting a bump in my paycheck. How’s that for walking into your HR Manager’s office trying to figure out why your paycheck is smaller than you expect only to discover it’s going to only get even smaller over the year.

$2500 maybe doesn’t seem so much to you, but our context is that for the first time of our married adult lives, we owe on taxes. April had become an annual treat – a reveal of our forced savings.

I painted my bedroom grey with the free paint I got from being a new homeowner – one of those coupons you get in the mail. Guess it wasn’t trendy – it was prophetic.


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